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What makes a friendly dog trainer?

Published on 19th February 2016

I meet so many people who say they prefer animals to people, not surprising many of these later become dog walkers or even dog trainers. However when working with animals at some stage you have to know how to work and enjoy working with people too! As a dog walker communication is vital and building up a trusting relationship with the owner. The same goes with dog trainers,  but even more so as you need to be able to transfer your skills to them. This can enable them to continue the good work when you are not there. If you don’t like people and are a dog trainer, then perhaps this is the wrong job for you.

Kate with Ferdie sitting outside at the Swan

Kate with Ferdie sitting outside at the Swan. I love sharing my knowledge and skills with people and my friends.

People and dog friendly

So what makes a friendly dog trainer? One which is both friendly to dogs and people? Do they have the experience and the skills?

I not only train your dog but empower and coach you, the owner, to train your dog when I’m not there. As well as pet care and rehabilitation I’ve over 18 years experience supporting, coaching and teaching young adults. My previous roles as a support worker and educational facilitator enable me to emphasise with the needs of others, always having a friendly face to turn to when times get hard.

My nickname as a baby was ‘smiler’ and I’m still showing off those pearly white teeth today!

I’ve always loved animals and remember from a young age trying to save the local town pigeons. I began dog walking at the age of 14 and went on to pursue my passions in animal behaviour, working to help rehabilitate dogs at the Cheltenham Animal Shelter. As I grew older my caring nature, not just for animals, but also people became prominent in my other job roles. From working with adults with mental illness to young autistic adults with additional needs I was always there to offer the support they needed.

Transferring my skills

If you have a dog that has a behavioural or training issue life can be challenging, stressful and sometimes you just want a shoulder to cry on. How could you ever turn to a dog trainer who has no people skills? Or one who can understand what you are going through? I’m there to support you every step of the way. I’m a great listener and having had my own dogs with behavioural issues, I can relate to what you are going through. I’m also good at explaining simple yet effective training methods, in a non-jargon approach always giving real life examples.


I love spending time with animals and people. Here’s a recent coffee social meet I helped arrange in Cheltenham.

Never the hard sell

I’m not interested in being pushy, I don’t see you as a dollar sign. My services are all adapted to your needs and your budget. I’m here to offer ongoing support so please feel free to contact me today. Even if it’s just for someone to take the time to listen to you, I’m here to listen, I never judge.

Get in touch today!

For advice and support contact me on: helen@socialpawscheltenham.co.uk

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