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Why your dog is not being stubborn

Published on 27th December 2016

COMMON MYTH: “my dog is stubborn!” So if my dogs not stubborn then why WON’T he or she listen to me and HOW to HELP… REALITY: Many dog owners call their dogs stubborn. In the Read more…

Why teach a dog through fear, when you can teach through trust? Positive reinforcement, trust and mutual respect is the way forward… An effective and ethical way to train a dog is to focus on Read more…

The benefits of a game of tug

Published on 25th December 2016

COMMON MYTH: “You should never play tug of war because this can make your dog aggressive” Why tug of war is a great game for your best friend… Tug of war is a great game Read more…

Cheltenham dog training – on lead obedience

Published on 9th December 2015

Introduction to Cheltenham dog training – on lead obedience This article will look at how to train your dog on lead obedience with particular reference to the excited greeter. The excited greeter is one which Read more…