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What makes a friendly dog trainer?

Published on 19th February 2016

I meet so many people who say they prefer animals to people, not surprising many of these later become dog walkers or even dog trainers. However when working with animals at some stage you have Read more…

Cheltenham Degu care

Published on 1st November 2015

If you research ‘Degus in Cheltenham’ you will find very few results. Degus have recently become more popular as a household pet and I’m proud to own four myself; Silver, Flash, Peaches and Spiderman.

Dog training in Cheltenham – Choosing a trainer

Published on 21st September 2015

Welcome to our blog post; dog training in Cheltenham – choosing a trainer. Hopefully you will find this both supportive and informative and how to choose a trusted dog trainer.

Puppy training and sitting in Cheltenham

Published on 25th May 2015

Getting a new puppy is not as simple as it sounds – it’s important that you can give the puppy the time and commitment it deserves and research about puppy ownership. I personally recommend first going to your local re-homing centre, if you live in Cheltenham the Cheltenham Animal Shelter are inundated with dogs looking for a home – occasionally puppies.

Cheltenham Cat Care

Published on 29th August 2014

Here at Social Paws we offer exceptional pet caring services for cats too. It’s nice to know that your cats are in safe hands when you are away from home with our Cheltenham cat pet care services.