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Silence is not always golden

Published on 19th October 2023

Just because a dog ISN’T lunging or barking it doesn’t mean to say that they are not scared, anxious or unhappy In my experience of working many years with anxious dogs online and in person Read more…

Why enrichment is important for dogs

Published on 27th December 2016

Enrichment is ESSENTIAL to helping promote the wellbeing of your dog ***Keep boredom at bay and help reduce destructive type behaviours*** Enrichment encourages an animal’s natural behaviours, providing different experiences for their senses. It’s essential Read more…

COMMON MYTH: My dog does pulls on it’s lead because he’s dominant REALITY: The concept of “dominance” is still being used incorrectly to explain inappropriate behaviour in dogs. This is because dominance actually describes a Read more…

COMMON MYTH: dogs feel human emotions like guilt and shame REALITY: dogs are said to feel emotions such as joy, fear, anger, disgust and even love, however it seems likely that your dog will not Read more…

Why teach a dog through fear, when you can teach through trust? Positive reinforcement, trust and mutual respect is the way forward… An effective and ethical way to train a dog is to focus on Read more…

A pet corrector is a form of punishment which is used to stop a pet’s undesirable behaviour. It works by emitting a quick puff of air which makes a hissing sound. It is pointed near (not at) the animal.

What is a reactive dog?

Published on 22nd February 2016

The term ‘reactive dog’ is a relatively new term to describe the type of behaviour a dog does particularly when on lead.

What makes a friendly dog trainer?

Published on 19th February 2016

I meet so many people who say they prefer animals to people, not surprising many of these later become dog walkers or even dog trainers. However when working with animals at some stage you have Read more…