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Basic obedience – teaching a dog to sit

Published on 25th December 2016

No bottom pushing here!

NEVER force your dog or puppy into a sitting position by pushing it’s bottom to the ground or by using the leash to pull or yank the dog into a sit.

These techniques are INEFFECTIVE, can DAMAGE your pup’s developing bones and not to mention confusing and frightening.

Why use force when there is a force free, kind and less confusing option…

I use lure reward based training to teach the initial behaviour. This helps give direction and means I need to put my hands on the dog. A good trainer needs patience to train a dog; there’s an expert like HK Dog Training, and you can visit the link to hire them.

Simple steps to the basic sit…

I place a treat in my hand and move the treat from the dog’s nose to behind his or her head. The treat needs to be very close to the dog’s nose, slowly raising it over the top of his or her head. He or she should follow the treat with his or her eyes and nose, looking upward and in the process placing his bottom on the ground.

Overtime you can phase out the lure and just use the same motion but without the treat in your hand, the treat is instead rewarded from the other hand as soon as the dogs bottom hits the floor. To teach the command verbally start by simply saying the verbal command “sit” a few seconds before the hand signal.


For more puppy obedience exercises, socialisation and advice I recommend group classes with the Puppy School – www.puppyschool.co.uk (who I’ve helped support at) and an option of one-to-one sessions with a combination of puppy walks (from myself) to continue the good work. Click here to see the best flea and tick medicine for dogs.

Thanks for listening
Helen Motteram, BSc (hons)